Saturday, 22 August 2015

I miss my University Hometown

Things ex Sunderland students miss about the NE shipbuilding city.

Ok, so it may have not been the best city in the UK to get a degree. But the only worst thing it was, was down to our livers. 

1. Greggs being in our actual university buildings. As an adult, having a Greggs in my office would be immense.... Unless of course my office was greggs.

2. Using the word 'mortal' to describe your lifestyle choices.

3. Going to the 24/7 Murray library after a night out at 4am, just to get a 60p hot chocolate.

4. Varsity the deadliest showdown of the year. Not because of the football or cheerleading annual games, but because of the two universities drinking Olympics the same night. 

5. Being able to walk into a takeaway and order a Parmo and a Kebab Pizza, and all this plus 5000 chips, salad and a can of coke for about £7.  Lord knows I miss this </3

6. Accidentally going to the indoor market inside the bridges centre. Never. Seen. So. Many. Gold. Earrings. Or. Dead. Animals.

7. Being a naive first year at Clanny and accidentally wandering into the prehistoric wasteland that is Pallion.

8. Going to Indie-P and forever losing your shoes on the dance floor due to someone's gum/drink/sick.

9. Realising your uni was the only one in the UK with no attendance policy. Hello lie in. 

10. Someone's birthday? Fancy dress. Someone's operation? Fancy dress. Someone's leaving? Fancy dress... You get it.

11. With thousands using your internet at any one time. Waiting patiently for Megavideo prove ledge (rip) to load and you be the first user to steal it.

12. Sitting in the lecture theatre and looking down to see everyone  on Facebook.

13. Riding on the bucking bronco or the bouncy castle at Blu Bambu.

14. Waiting three hours for the uni 'bus' when walking took 30 mins.

15. Being really drunk at 4am and forgetting Glass spider was the last chance saloon for creeps. 

16. After the missing the last metro, getting the night train from newcastle to Sunderland ... A steam train I shit you not.

17. Going to Penshaw Monument. Because beauty.

18. Forgetting what real North Sea wind was like everytime you walked over the Wear bridge and clung on for actual life or death.

19. Remember manor quay as Campus. The fake american bar where actual Dirk Benedict told everyone alcohol was bad... Verne Troyer was sick and Ellie Goulding early on her career allegedly had the shits. 

20. The bag man of Sunderland. Who was he?

21. Clanny cat. Who lived under some bins.

22. Going out on £10 and having change left over. That includes poor fated Bud Bigalows having £5 all you can drink nights.

23. Having the only train station in the world not owned by network rail.

24. Going to the forge and fearing for your life down stab alley.

25. Seagulls. Trying. To. Eat. You.

26. Discovering the worlds only pub in a cliff, Marsden Grotto.

27. Working at liquid and having to mop the sick from the floor.

28. Accidentally going to an interview at a strip club (FOR BAR STAFF!!) and being shown how to mop a mens urinal trough with a tea towel. In answer to your question, i didn't go back, surprise!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Quarter life crisis

It’s so difficult to transition back into the ‘crowd’ after you’ve been in a long term relationship, isn’t it? All the mates you had several years ago have become ‘adults’ by moving away or having kids. So you end up mingling to find a new social circle, and this puts you on the pedestal and ready to reinvent your image from boring couple participant to how you used to be. Wait, how did you used to be? It’s been so long!

You’ll go out on the town to let your hair down, and suddenly you remember why clubbing is the antitheses of fun you lie and tell yourself it was. It’s archaic method of drinking till drunk, dancing till your feet bleed and fighting off potential suitors that slide up behind you when you’re sandwiched between a friends.

So you fill your time doing other things. But wait, you can’t remember your interests from before you were tied down. Gardening? Painting? Sewing? Wait, you’ll just pretend you’re good at something and then run with it. Watching your friends nod and smile at your awful attempt at cupcakes, or that youtube video of you singing Hozier. Whatever it takes you to re-spark your ingenuinity, so be it.

I reckon post break up, you’re going to have to do the following to keep sane:
1.     Cut all ties with the ex, no they’re not your friend,
2.     Go out, have fun. Treat it as the privilege of being able to go out again,
3.     Busy your time, learn some new hobby or try to set a resolution,
Have a drastic change and either lop all your hair off, or change your wardrobe. Distance yourself from the person you remember before

If all fails, just quit your job and go to Borneo (joke). At the end of the day, it's moments like this that make us who we are.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I am sadly back from America. In two shorts weeks I had become accustomed to waffle breakfast sandwiches and had driven 2000 miles through three states.  Most importantly though, I got to indulge in my favourite past-time - makeup hunting. It goes without saying that the US have the best of everything, and what's more - it's around 30% cheaper than the UK. Here is what I bought, I will be doing a full review of some products later:

L-R(Kat Von D Lock it Foundation, Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation, Hard Candy Glamoflauge, Urban Decay Naked 3, EOS Lipbalms x 3, Wet n Wild Comfort Palette, Benefit Lemon Aid).