Back in February the impulsive side of me decided to book a 14,000 round trip to the tropical paradise of Hawaii.
Because who in their right mind wouldn't?

         (Starred: Oahu and Maui are the islands I'm visiting)

Breaking the news to friends/family was a bit awkward, so awkward I avoided telling a lot of people because it either sounded like I was frivolous or boasting. It was a solo travel for 8 days around Hawaii by myself. My friends and family know me as impulsive as they come, I've always had an independent streak, so I've kind of decided to just go with it.

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Our day trip to France

The hop across the channel has become a bit of a Christmas tradition within my family. Around December there's nothing else we like to do more than getting on a boat that's basically a huge wave pool simulator, then pile back into the car and drive the wrong way down a road to a port town called Boulogne.
This tradition stretches back from when I was a teenager and my Dad would visit his friends bar in Dijon, and we'd stop off at Boulogne to get food after the ferry.

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